Super Bikes N.V. is one of the largest motorcycle companies in the Caribbean, Central and South America, situated on St. Maarten N.A. one of the smallest islands, a perfect place for vacation.

How this company became the distributor for the caribbean with six sub-dealers, one designer store on St. Maarten is something that we, the team of SuperBikes, would proudly like to tell you about ….

It all started when one man came from France to visit St. Martin to relax under the Caribbean sun and thought that is was a good idea to come back and promote motorcycles products on the island. It was in 1986 when Gil Guadalpi moved to St. Martin and opened one shop on the french side of the island. In 1988 he opened a second store on the dutch side in order to cover the whole island market. In 1991 Gil decided to bring a “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” to St. Martin. The idea of having a big twin on our narrow roads was mainly to test the market hoping to make a couple of sales. But Gil fell in love with “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” bikes and the whole history behind the legend.

f_shake.jpgIn that same year Gil applied official status as a “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” dealer. Mr. Lou Boltik was the district manager of the Latin American region so he visited St. Martin and invited Gil to the dealer meeting in Orlando where SuperBikes N.V. finally became the official dealer for St. Maarten / St. Martin and the neighboring islands.

Fadi came along and joined SuperBikes in 1991, with his knowledge and experience in the sales and customer relations he would have to push the sales of the big twins as far as he could. Bruno was brought in from France as our service manager. He has a twenty years experience in providing the best motorcycle service a biker can have. The team got strong and we were ready for the challenge. The first new Harley in its crate arrived to the Caribbean in September ‘91 when the ‘92 model production invaded the market. Our focus turned to “HARLEY-DAVIDSON Æ” and the big twin started to grow numbers every day.team.jpg

The big change in SuperBikes history occurred when Gil decided to unify both small stores under on big roof, in 1993 SuperBikes unified both shops and moved to our actual 1000 M2 building situated on the main road joining French and Dutch St. Maarten / St. Martin. Sales went very well, people started to accept the American Legend and to be interested more and more. “HARLEY-DAVIDSON Æ” bikes, parts, accessories, Motorclothes and collectibles became our main business. We set up a rental fleet with all types of “HARLEY-DAVIDSON ” bikes and we opened a designer store right in our superstore. Operated By Aurelie who is specialized in fashion.

In 1995 the Latin American department under the management of Mr. Luiz Da Silva & Matt Luening succeeded in being one of the fastest growing departments of “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” Motor Company and SuperBikes was honored with several awards for good and hard working teams. Our store has already been visited by over a million visitors and today, SuperBikes N.V. is the “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” distributor for all the Caribbean Islands including French Guyana and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hundreds of “HARLEY-DAVIDSON” Motorcycles are riding throughout the Caribbean thanks to the hard work of Team SuperBike, the passion for the sport of motorcycling and the unique sense of freedom that only the legendary “HARLEY-DAVIDSON Æ” Motorcycle provides to us and to you.

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