Screamin Eagle Engine 120R

This engine is designed for bolt-in installation in the Original equipment-style chassis of your track bike. No special fabrication or engine-mount relocation is required. When equipped with appropriate high-flow throttle body and injectors, an open air induction, and tuned exhaust, this engine is capable of producing a reliable 135+ horsepower at the rear wheel.The crankcase, cylinders and heads are painted black, and feature machined aluminum highlights and chrome covers for a stunning “show-and-go” look.Hand assembled alongside Harley-Davidson’s production Twin Cam engines at the Pilgrim Road Engine Plant in Milwaukee, these race-use engines feature only the finest Screamin’ Eagle components:

• 4.060″ big-bore cylinders.
• 4-5/8″ stroke premium forged flywheels.
• 10.5:1 high-compression nickel-plated forged pistons with Teflon coated skirts.
• Titanium SST piston rings.
• SE-266E high-lift cams.
• Perfect Fit push rods +.030.
• SE high-performance lifters.
• CNC-ported MVA heads with automatic compression release.
• Machined lower rocker boxes for valve spring collar clearance.
• Factory-machined engine cases.
• Unique piston oilers for stroker clearances.
• Screamin’ Eagle inner crankcase cam needle bearings.
• Lefty high-performance crankcase output bearing.
• High-performance torque response engine compensator.
• SE Performance Spark Plugs.

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