V-Rod Muscle

It took dragsters, superbikes, maybe even a little board track inspiration from deep in our racing heritage to bring together the motorcycle you see here. A liquid-cooled 60° V-twin engine ready to breathe a little fire onto the street where you live. A fat rear tire and styling details that scream American muscle. Some worry about the corrupting influence of absolute power. We say hit the gas and give it a try.
It sends massive horsepower and low-end torque directly to your adrenal gland when you unleash the engine. The V-Rod Muscle® motorcycle doesn’t stutter when it makes its statement.
These long and low works of art are the most radical edge of the Harley-Davidson® line-up. A muscular mix of dragstrip performance and menacing street looks. Explosive, off-the-line power coupled with cutting-edge technology. The V-Rod® family’s liquid-cooled 1250cc V-Twin Revolution® engine, Brembo® performance brakes, a slipper clutch and hidden ABS adds a layer of smooth precision.

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